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Why should businesses care about IOT-fication?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a scenario in which objects, animals or people are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to- computer interaction. This means your products can talk, they are enabled to keep supplying you the crucial information related to usage patterns and users of your products. Data scientists, statisticians and marketing people in your company would know the importance of this information.
IoT implies a network of physical objects or "things" embedded with electronics, software, sensors and connectivity, thus enabling them achieve greater value and service by exchanging data with the manufacturer, operator and/or other connected devices. ...

What is “IoT-fication”?

We can now monitor our house or switch off electrical or appliance systems even though we’re away from home.
We wear watches, tshirts, goggles, shoes that shows us the maps, tracks our body vitals and helps us take control of our fitness.
Shepherds can now track missing animals from their flocks without even wasting time counting them apiece, and local urban planners can now detect what’s wrong with the city’s piping system without having to send someone underground.
We now track our savings, schedules, deadlines, blood pressure, sugar count, and weight lossetc using the machines and products around us.
This is IOT-fication


What your business needs today: “IoT-fy” your products

Businesses know manufacturing and marketing of hard-goods. Today, they need to convert them “live goods”. We provide complete consulting and solutions to make your products communicate with you, your consumer, your community and help you run business, market products, engage consumes in entirely new and efficient manner.

... We do complete IoT-fication of products and pack it in form of total solutions. We offer the manufacturing companies a comprehensive package of design and development services, from conceptualization to developing electronics hardware, software, mobile applications, backend servers , business intelligence, integrating whole system and enabling time bound launches while using and managing a good set of path-breaking technology.

Our Skills and expertise: With excel in engineering, operations and technology capabilities, take care of the hardware design requirements, research, modular and chip-level/PCB design, firmware/software development, testing and quality control as well as production/product lifecycle support.

Products we specialize in: We are experts in the domain of IoT-fyingwearable accessories, assistive devices, personalizedhealthcare, self-diagnostics and fitness products.

We help incorporate smart sensors into wearable articles, accessories, apparels, footwear and other personalized devices without interrupting their integrity, style-statement and design aesthetics.

The IoT enabled devices now trackmultiple body vitals or activity patternsof an individual and compute parameters to monitor and alert the user for abnormal conditions or performance.

The data collected from the user using a mobile applicationis manipulated by a server-based architecturefor analysing community statistics, monitoring and alerts, and expert inputs for gamification, coaching and motivation programmes.

Products that need IOT-ficiation today!

  • Shoes or any Footwear can be IoT-fied to connect to maps or routing/directions smartphone applications to vibrate and tell users when and where to turn to reach their destination.
  • Jewellery/Wrist/Finger worn accessories can be IoT-fied to track and alert users for their heart health, sleep quality, activeness, energy expenditure, exercise patterns and also as a controller for other digital/software products and applications.
  • Apparels and garments can be IoT-fied for health monitoring, sports training data acquisition, monitoring personnel handling hazardous materials, tracking position and emotional/fatigue status.
  • Waist, knee and lower-body worn belts/clips/accessories can be IoT-fied to help track user’s posture, exercise and running patterns or performance.
  • Blood pressure monitors, glucometers and thermometers can be IoT-fied to feed user’s health report into a mobile application which connects to doctors/health care experts for advice, alerts, monitoring and coaching.
  • Pendants, necklace and other such accessories can be IOT-fied to act as voice controlled intelligent personal assistants, navigators, listening aids, for posture correction and so on.

IoT-fied health as the future

The adoption of wearable healthcare-related devices holds the potential to reduce healthcare costs by identifying trends and commonalities among certain populations, thereby enabling better preventive care.

In addition to engaging patients and aiding personal wellness, IoT can push healthcare beyond individual monitoring and treatment towardsmore effective population health management through data processing and community analytics.


Business Model

IOT-fication is long term relationship based decision for your business. We hold your hands till you benefit from adding the new line of IOT-fied products launch. We make it comfortable for industry owners and offer flexible mix of cash fees or equityand/or revenue-sharing basis with our clients.

We review and analyse the product requirements for IoT-ficationand then create water-tight agreements for performance guarantee. Apart from consumer goods industries,we also work with start-ups.

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